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2018:  FEB | MARCH

June 2017 Issue

LiFT Battery System
To Power Portable UUV

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) has been awarded a contract to provide its Lithium-ion Fault Tolerant (LiFT) battery system for the Semi-Autonomous Hydrographic Reconnaissance Vehicle (SAHRV), a small, portable UUV. br />
GA-EMS is part of a team working with the Department of Defense to design, fabricate, deliver and conduct at-sea testing of the LiFT battery system for use on the SAHRV platform. The SAHRV UUV is intended for shallow-water surveillance to scan, detect and identify mines and other obstacles.

Hydrographic Production
Database Now in Use in Sweden

Teledyne CARIS’s Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) has been successfully implemented as the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) production system. This replaces the previously used legacy software employed by SMA for the management of spatial data. HPD supports the creation of paper and electronic charts, special publications and data services, and has been customized to meet SMA’s special requirements and workflow needs.

The project, known as CHAMPS, included system customization and development, existing data and product migration, and training of SMA’s project team and end-users.

Kongsberg Digital Partners with
Simwave for Maritime Training

Kongsberg Digital and Simwave B.V. have formed a strategic partnership resulting in a contract for one of the most extensive Kongsberg Maritime simulator deliveries to date. Simwave is a new Maritime Centre of Excellence in the Netherlands that will offer training and fair assessment procedures next to advanced and specialized applied research. Simwave has chosen Kongsberg as its sole simulation technology supplier and partner for the development of a facility designed to deliver maritime simulation as a service, with a pay-as-you-go foundation. The partnership will also include development of new innovative maritime training solutions on Kongsberg’s newly launched digital open ecosystem, Kognifai.

Hybrid Approach To Big Data Management
BMT Scientific Marine Services has launched its Data Exploration and Analytics Platform for Actionable Insights (DEAP-AI), an initiative driven by more than 20 years’ experience of measuring and modeling data for the global oil and gas industry. DEAP-AI is an intelligent studio capable of processing large and small data sets using a rich set of processing libraries. The solution was developed with support from the IT company Capgemini and hosted by the cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). DEAP-AI is powered by a distributed computing engine, which can process large batches of data and stream real-time data.

Underwater Detection Tech
Helps Locate UXO

Before 1970, the widely accepted solution for unexploded ordnance (UXO) was to dump it into rivers, lakes and oceans, which has caused pollution and the risk of explosion.

Several international organizations have been formed to address the problem of UXO. Among them is the Japan Mine Action Service nonprofit, which uses JW Fishers Pulse 12 boat-towed metal detector that locates both ferrous and nonferrous metals buried up to 16 ft.

Another organization using Fishers equipment is the Regional Centre for Underwater De-mining (RCUD) in Montenegro, which was part of the former Yugoslavia. A bloody civil war in the 1990s left the country littered with UXO. RCUD acquired a Fishers side scan to help locate the mines. Today, RCUD is working with RPM Nautical Foundation and the Center for Conservation and Archaeology to locate historic shipwrecks and map other underwater sites of significance.

Full Mission Simulator
For Training Engine Crews

Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) has inaugurated a new installation of its sophisticated W-Xpert Full Mission Simulator (FMS) for training complete engine room crews at the Marine Power Academy Training Centre of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. (HHM) in Shanghai, China.

The simulator joins a network of some 20 other installations at strategic locations around the world. As well as being the first installation of WinGD’s dedicated, multitouchscreen simulation hardware in China, the Shanghai FMS system is also first to be preprogrammed with specially adapted versions of the engine-specific W-Xpert simulation software WinGD develops with its partner UNITEST Marine Simulators Ltd., based in Poland.

First LNG Testbed
Unveiled in Germany

Caterpillar Marine has unveiled the first LNG testbed for gas-fueled engines at its facility in Kiel, Germany. It comprises an LNG tank and a gas preparation unit, both in 40-ft. container size, developed and provided by Marine Service GmbH, Hamburg.

LNG’s clean-burning nature has drawn numerous vessel owners, particularly those with an eye on future compliance.

Gas-fueled engine prevalence will only increase over time, Caterpillar believes.

NEXUS 800 UAV Surveys
Oroville Dam Flooding Event

Recent extreme flooding events in California have taken its toll on the state’s water infrastructure. When the Oroville Dam event required an immediate and timely survey to assess damage, emergency response teams turned to the surveyor and engineers to provide the necessary technical expertise to properly mitigate the event.

The NEXUS 800 UAV was used by SurvTech Solutions of Florida and Brunswick Engineering of Canada to attain survey-grade LiDAR data that was expeditiously processed and disseminated to the mitigation teams for action.

Due to the complexity of the terrain, the team utilized the real-time capabilities of HYPACK to monitor and respond accordingly through the use of the HYPACK Matrix and Real Time Cloud modules to safely navigate the terrain. This increased situational awareness and real-time feedback allowed the team to perform multiple sorties safely and efficiently.

2018:  FEB | MARCH

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